Encourage people to work together, study together, and solve problems collaboratively -- and win together.
When you use EnTeam games, you see people learning how to measure their ability to bring out the best in each other -- using strategic games. These games include physical sports (new versions of baseball, ping-pong, and other athletic games), mental games (new versions of poker, checkers, Jenga), and academic games (reading, writing, math).
The unique feature of EnTeam games is that players keep score on a win-win basis: both sides lose together or both sides win together -- depending on their ability to work together.
Learning organizations such as schools, faith communities, and businesses use EnTeam activities to build communication, cooperation, and teamwork by changing win-lose rivalries into win-win relations. EnTeam gives people a scoreboard for measuring cooperation between teams. EnTeam moves the lines of competition so people are together against impersonal opponents – not against each other.