About EnTeam

EnTeam is an educational organization that offers a toolbox of collaborative learning strategies that help people win together.  By providing stimulating and educationally ­sound activities in the classroom, EnTeam programs:

  • Increase the fun in reading, math, and other subjects by providing stimulating and educationally sound activities in the classroom.
  • Improve student behavior by meeting their need for social interaction with their peers by engaging them in collaborative learning activities.
  • Give teachers more ways to differentiate instruction and reach diverse learning styles — especially teaching methods.
  • Engage parents and families in working together with school staff to support academic achievement. Students, teachers, and families improve their skills in working together through EnTeam activities.

Our Vision
Educators and students create more productive and peaceful communities by learning to win together with those who come from different backgrounds and cultures.

Our Mission
Encourage educators to use collaborative games that strengthen students socially and academically.

Our Goal
The goal of EnTeam Organization is to balance students’ experience in winning by making win-win at least as frequent as win-lose.

EnTeam is on the Registry of Quality Vendors designated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).