EnTeam Timeline

2015 & 2016 school years – EnTeam organizes a second Operation Cooperation League involving 4 diverse Catholic Schools: St. Norbert in Hazelwood, Christ, the King in University City, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Ferguson, and Christ, Prince of Peace in Manchester.  EnTeam serves Special Education students at Neuwoehner High School. EnTeam serves North and South Technical High Schools.

2014 & 2015 school yearsHOT Bowl programs with Ferguson, Webster Groves, St. Louis City, Normandy.

2005-2014   School Districts: EnTeam worked in many school districts around St. Louis including Alton, Clayton, East St. Louis, Hazelwood, Jennings, Kahokia, Normandy, Parkway, Ritenour, Riverview Gardens, Rockwood, St. Louis Public, and Venice school districts. Grants: EnTeam was part of the following grant programs “Gear Up” (1999 grant, state grant, 2005 grant, and the vision gear-up), High School Graduation Initiative grant (involving 15 secondary schools in St. Louis Public Schools (2012-2015)

2002Operation Cooperation organized into its current format with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian private schools.

2001 – In October (just after 9/11), Operation Cooperation conceptualized by parent­-educator discussion groups

1997 – Four Boys and Girls Clubs collaborated through EnTeam from all around St. Louis (Alton Club, St. Charles Club, Herbert Hoover club in St. Louis, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee club in East St. Louis.)

1996-­2005 – EnTeam Organization served business clients and used the proceeds to fund programs for schools and after-­school programs. Clients included Print­Pack, Monsanto, Pfizer, Commerce Bank, and smaller companies.

1995 – EnTeam chartered by Missouri as a non­-profit organization. First program served The College School in Webster Groves. First significant fee­-for-­service program served Print­Pack.

1994 – The term “enteam” was coined because the dictionary had no word for activities that score cooperation.   “En” means to be in the condition or state of, as in enjoy, encourage, enable.  Thus, EnTeam is a verb that means “to transform competitors into a an active, collaborative team.”

1993 – First field tests of a version of volleyball that keeps score of cooperation between teams.

1990 – Ted Wohlfarth began creating games that keep score of cooperation between teams.