The Team at EnTeam

EnTeam is a non-­profit, educational organization incorporated in Missouri in 1995.  Governed by a Board of Directors, services are delivered by a network of facilitators.  Our team comes from diverse backgrounds.

Executive Director

Ted Wohlfarth

EnTeam Facilitators

Tom Evans – Facilitator and Outreach Coordinator

Aaron Gardner – Facilitator, Development Director, Retired Engineer, educator

Susan Kelly – Facilitator, Retired School Administrator

Ted Wohlfarth – Facilitator, Executive Director

EnTeam Board of Directors 2017

Elizabeth Heitman – Board Vice President, Program Committee Chair; Educator

Alex Hudson – Student Advisor, College Student, Webster University (St. Louis)

Natasha Jain-Poster – Student Advisor, 12th Grade, Clayton High School (Clayton)

Deke Karzon – Evaluations Committee Chair; Attorney

Jeff Lefton – Sales and Marketing Committee Chair; Entrepreneur

Cindy Marston – Advisor; Technology Facilitator

George Michaels –  Board President; Management Consultant

John Niemeyer – Advisor; Educator

Mark Wohlfarth – Development Committee Chair; Global Alliances at Red Hat

Ted Wohlfarth – Executive Director; Researcher

Keith Zeff – Board Treasurer; Researcher