Cooperative Simulations Change Behavior 

EnTeam measures cooperative performance. Founded in 1995, we have over 20 years of experience with helping people work together across conflicting groups and alongside those who have different interests. We help build respectful, functional, and efficient relationships.

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Business TeamRead Success Stories:

Organizational Teamwork

Learn about building better teamwork, synergy and communication among multiple stakeholder groups in a company.

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Unifying Culture Across Operating Units

Learn about a $218 Millon 7-year Joint-venture completed in 4 years!
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Business TeamFinancial Turnaround

Learn how EnTeam helped to save a 200+ employee plant from closure and turned a $10 Milllion annual Loss into a $4 Million profit.

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Unifying Unions and Management

Read about EnTeam’s role in building a culture of teamwork that enabled dialog after a particularly bad situation.

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Developing and Rallying Around an Action Plan

Read how EnTeam helped scientists develop and successfully implement a series of action plans.

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Unifying Sales Team at Multistate Bank

Learn how EnTeam helped bank executives achieve their goal of increasing sales via increased collaboration.

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“EnTeam Organization provided training which helped improve communication skills among the management, supervisors, and hourly ranks which was key to the $10,000,000 turn around which has kept this facility open.”

– Dan Keefe, (former) Director of Operations, Graphic Packaging International


“The EnTeam program is most effective. People recall it. They want to remember it. They have something they can share–not just a thought or a rote procedure.  It gets them at a gut level–I thought it was wonderful because they could see that it was meaningful at work.”

– Laura Heaton, (former) Director of Talent Management, Owens Corning


“The EnTeam approach is excellent. I really like EnTeam’s philosophy of different roles looking for a collective good with success in the end.”

– Dr. Bernard Sammons, (former) Applied Genetics, Monsanto

EnTeam Business EnTeam solutions

Teams learn to win together by defeating problems when they use EnTeam activities. 

Our workshops are customized, not cookie-cutter.  Contact us to speak with our design specialists and facilitators to co-create your program with EnTeam.

EnTeam has a history of success working with diverse groups of all backgrounds and professions, from Pfizer to Monsanto to Print Pack.