EnTeam Testimonials

EnTeam activities promote cooperative learning. Research shows that cooperative learning increases academic achievement significantly.   (Marzano 2001)

Independent studies of the EnTeam programs have been conducted by Dr. Michael Grady, Professor of Education, St. Louis University and by Dr. Corey Drake, Associate Professor of Education at University of Missouri – St. Louis:

“EnTeam activities focus on win-win situations rather than win-lose situations by scoring cooperation rather than competition.  Through the use of EnTeam activities, students build skills to work together more productively and increase achievement.

“Moreover, a major point learned from this study was that EnTeam is a supplementary educational resource that assists teachers with teaching cooperation and reinforcing content through experiential activities and stimulating discussions.  These EnTeam activities and discussions encourage students to score cooperation rather than competition and to think collaboratively.

“EnTeam activities were helpful in reinforcing content because the children enjoyed the games, engaged in them and worked diligently to improve their EnTeam scores while also working on math problems.  EnTeam activities can be used effectively for reinforcing some traditional curricular concepts such as times tables.  Teachers agreed that EnTeam was helpful with reinforcing lessons.”

EnTeam is effective when applied to the classroom:

“The EnTeam reading game makes learning active, fast paced, and fun. It also makes reading a cooperative activity.”
-Barbara Rain, Ferguson Middle School science teacher and peer-mediation coordinator

In the community:

“By turning traditional competitive games into EnTeam games, boys and girls recognize the value of others and the contribution they can make.  EnTeam games are successful because they have measurable results.”
-Flint W. Fowler, Ph.D. Executive Director, Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club

And in the home:

“We have enjoyed the EnTeam games because we realize that they develop skills we can use in everyday life. The family interaction has provided us with other ways to communicate and handle problems.”
-Patricia, Jamil, & Frank Fredrick, Participants in an EnTeam program for families

To find out how to apply EnTeam methods to a business challenge, please visit EnTeam’s Business Services site.