EnTeam Services

EnTeam serves educators (including teachers, parents, and peer-mentors) by providing professional development and community programs that result in higher academic performance and a more peaceful and joyful learning environment. See some specifics here.

Academic, Business, and Community (ABC) Partners

EnTeam facilitators work with the teacher to find professional in the community who can partner with the teacher to engage the students in thinking more deeply about the curricular topics, thus project-based learning becomes more feasible.  The students build relationships that connect Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) to their world and their lives.  Click to learn more about ABC Partners

HOT Bowl

HOT Bowl events build Higher-Order Thinking skills by challenging students to work together answering essential questions and solving problems in a community setting.  EnTeam facilitators work with teachers (possibly from different schools or districts) to determine an essential question around which teaching and learning will be focused.  Click to learn more about HOT Bowl.

Operation Cooperation

Operation Cooperation is a collaborative, problem solving event between diverse faith-based schools.  Click to learn more about Operation Cooperation

Peer Mentoring

Training older students to mentor younger students raises academic achievement and builds more cooperative learning environments. When students are prepared to lead learning exercises, schools become rich in relationships, relevance, and rigor.  Click to learn more about Peer Mentoring

Professional Development

EnTeam is an action verb, coined to describe the active joy of working together.  As joy is to enjoy, and courage is to encourage, enteam is to team.  Learning to collaborate effectively is an important 21st century skill, and we have skilled EnTeam facilitators to provide two types of professional development for educatorsClick to learn more about EnTeaming your team!