ABC Partners

Academic, Business, and Community Partners   


Professional Development: ABC partners show relevance of subject & become a professional contact

  • Students see how school relates to the real world.
  • Students value their education by thinking of possible career paths.
  • Teachers easily relate curriculum to the work of community partners.
  • Students build important, working relationships with adults.
  • Time commitment is short for both community partners and teachers.

How it works:

The educator decides what kind of ABC partner they would like, what field of study, position in the community etc. An EnTeam® facilitator finds the right ABC partner, briefs them on what the class is studying, tests the technology, schedules a meeting time with the class, facilitates the dialogue with the class to meet the teacher’s goals, and follows-up with the educator and ABC partner to maintain the relationship.

In a classroom with an internet connection, a large screen, and a web camera, students build ongoing relationships that connect career possibilities to their world and their lives. Engineers, researchers, scientists, writers, business people, government officials, and others in the community can now take a positive step to improve education.  ABC Partners gives the community a practical pathway to meet teachers and lend a hand in educating students in their own community.  More importantly, community partners can directly show students how the material they are learning in class translates to various professions.

What they learn today, they’ll use tomorrow.