Professional Development

Let us Enteam your team! Confidence, collaboration, teamwork, and trust are just some results of EnTeam’s professional development for school staff.

Skilled EnTeam facilitators are available to provide two types of professional development for educators:

In-Class Professional Development – Experienced EnTeam facilitators conduct professional development in the classroom with the students to demonstrate activities that engage students in helping each other succeed.  Teachers:

  • Experience how EnTeam activities encourage students to study together and keep each other on task;
  • Gain skills in communication, cooperation, and teamwork to help students solve problems collaboratively;
  • Discover strategies to focus student energy on bringing out the best in others, thereby improving student engagement and behavior;
  • Learn to use EnTeam tools to broaden their approach to assignments and require students to think more rigorously;
  • Empower students by designing a rigorous curriculum that naturally includes higher order thinking skills;
  • Learn both the theory and practical aspects of cooperative learning, including how to measure cooperative performance.

Staff In-Service Professional Development – Skilled EnTeam facilitators:

  • Introduce teachers to a richer form of cooperative learning that makes formative assessments individualized with immediate feedback for students.
  • Strengthen collaboration among all staff members with activities that build professional respect and teamwork.
  • Demonstrate how to strengthen collaborative learning by measuring cooperative performance on scoreboards that encourage students to help each other master the curriculum and stay on task.